Kubernetes, backup and restore with Velero

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Docker and Kubernetes gives so many conveniences out of the box like rolling deployments, high availability, restarting failed containers (aka self-healing), well-managed secrets, and the list goes on…Imagine the scenario where you have all system deployed on kubernetes only having 1000+ applications and your cluster is down for few hour due to any issues like network , hardware etc . Downtime of Kubernetes cluster may cause financial impact on business , also it will hurts your organization brand .Setting up entire cluster with all required application is not an easy task , it will require many hours , days to setup the cluster again and make ready in working condition . So we need to make sure that we will have some system ready which will help us to handle Kubernetes cluster disaster scenario quickly without any impact on business .

Here are some examples which you are listening almost each and every day while dealing with deployments on k8s :

Well , Velero is answer for all above problems for maintaining your Kubernetes infrastructure to handle disaster scenario .Now let’s see what is velero and in which scenario we can use velero to solve stability issues of your kubernetes cluster .

This article was updated on Jan 29, 2022


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